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    Looking for feedback

    Extremely well done, high quality, with an powerful atmosphere!, editing is smooth!, and the gore add to it, :)
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    ZEY THE MOUSE episode 8, 'Zey's Dream', Stop-motion animation (surreal)

    Yes, vaguely, it will be a lot of work!, can't wait to design and build a big UFO!, Hope your having a good week so far? :)
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    Narration Test - The Red Mansion

    Superb Nate!, Gosh i wouldn't have noticed about the woman's voice being computerised!, Eye catching, great crystal clear, voice, smooth production in all area's, Zey The Mouse says 'Hello' to the Cat, lol, ;) regards :)
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    ZEY THE MOUSE episode 8, 'Zey's Dream', Stop-motion animation (surreal)

    Hi, Nate!, Your welcome, and thank you, it's much appreciated, Stop-motion animation, is a labour of love, and a passion for physical art/film. Episode 9 will entail UFO's Aliens etc, Ile visit one of your video's in the forum! regards :)
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    Japanese Trailer

    Wow, looks to be a much actioned packed game!, design wise, AMAZING!, Good luck with this, worldwide, , :)
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    Surreal Music Video

    Hey, Superb/Impressive!, thoroughly enjoyed the video, you have a great eye for detail, editing and music/sp-fx's, my fav's were the numbers and marble effect, i can tell this is a passion, many regards :)
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    ZEY THE MOUSE episode 8, 'Zey's Dream', Stop-motion animation (surreal)

    Zey's!, episode 8 entitled 'Zey's Dream', Zey embarks on an surreal adventure, through a dream! inspired by 'Alice in Wonderland', Hansel & Gretal', 'Labyrinth', and 'The Lion and the witch and the Wardrobe', :) Hope you enjoy? :)
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    My 13 years evolution of filmmaking!

    You've come a long way since your first video, and are so talented indeed, the risks and progress you have taken is brilliant, developing your skills over the years, and is why you are here now, keep your head up high, always remember your 'X' rated film, it's your best! :) many regards :)
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    10 YEARS of 'Zey The Mouse' all 23 characters, a Celebration video :)

    Hi, al, Hope your all keeping well and enjoying the new year? This is a short video i created, it's 10 years since i first created the first lot of Zey's characters, 23 all together so far! Zey has come a long way over the years, and so many success's, here's to many more years! :) Much...
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    Opening Sequence

    Hi, Brilliant, a very professional Video, very smooth, clear, had my upmost attention all the way through!, well done on typo's, and music and different shots angles :)
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    "Kiliam City" - 2 minutes Cyberpunk Short

    Again a great production, i liked the visuals and sp-fx and music here :)
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    Zey The Mouse Episode 7 'The Time Machine', Stop-motion Animation

    That's o.k, just thought i'd mention, the platforms, i appreciate what you have said, do you have any creative work on the go at present? (EDIT) just watched one of your professionally made clips, well done, and left some feedback! :)
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    Revenge, XXX & Katana - Mi first feature film!

    Your welcome, will there be another similar/sequel? i'm glad you added the subtitle's as it would have been difficult to watch, :)
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    Zey The Mouse Episode 7 'The Time Machine', Stop-motion Animation

    Hi, Nate, Thank you for watching Zey's Adventure's, and your kind support, i have been a film producer for 11 years, Zey The Mouse has been on TV News, Magazine, Radio Stations, lots of Newspaper's, Exhibitions, and Film Festivals :)
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    Revenge, XXX & Katana - Mi first feature film!

    This was a great production over all, ace sp-fx!, very comical in places, 'Mama boom Boom' was cool and funny, the Zebra teddy, gosh, took it to another level, poor 'Mateo', 'Romauldo' and 'Brooklyn', also some star wars thing's in there, the porn parts were funny lol What a revenge :)