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    Colour correction before or after LUT? Premeire Pro CC

    The point of cinestyle is so the blacks and whites are not 'clamped' on capture. A normal quicktime for the sake of argument is captured so a consumer can watch it straight away on their TV. This isnt ideal for grading situation because your potentially loosing some information. Cinestyle helps...
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    Colour correction before or after LUT? Premeire Pro CC

    well correct me if im wrong but if your using the cinestyle DSLR 'lut' or something else like it... its not an actual lut but a 'curve' that is baked into the quicktime file. So there is no actual colour conversion as such going on. It stays Rec709 through the whole process. But the cinestyle...
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    Camera Moves Up Through Ceiling

    From what I understand what you want its just a fancy transition. So you film first camera moving up to ceiling, 2nd shot moving floor to desired height. In post you layer them up one on to of each other putting something inbetween to act as the building floor, crop the format and do a post...
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    Community Project

    Hey guys I remember there was some talk about doing some more vfx stuff to impove what was shot. If this is still the case im still up for doing it
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    Roto-effing-scoping, here's my number, save me maybe?

    This mabe usefull to you: Its an article i did awhile ago just with some roto tips. As for the shot looks pretty keyable from what im seeing. Try doing a general roto shape around specific areas and do seprate keys to thoes areas then add them together with a bit...
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    A Hot Pixel?

    It could be a spec of dust on the lens or sensor thats visible when you crank exposure? Either way you can just shift something from the left of the footage next to the spec to patch over the top of it. This will remove it.
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    Community Project

    Hey, yea im game for tweaking the lights a the end to make it a more intimidating. Checking out the edit im kinda keen to improve the wide beach shots with a nice sky replacement to make it look a bit more intresting, not sure if you guys agree? Prehaps its something that can be improved by some...
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    How To Create This Effect

    Looks like a TV interlace sort of effect where there are thin black and white horizontal lines that are probably animated a little and then screened over the footage. There is also some chromatic aberation effect going on, where you split and offset the RGB channels slightly.
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    Community Project

    Hey, been a few weeks... How far along is the edit? Any updates :)
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    How can I achieve this special effect?

    Cool idea why not add a Inception like crumbling city in the background too. You could do it by drawing a flip book of a crumbling city, filming the flipbook in process, and then puting it in the background of the actor by keying him/her. It may look like crap tho. My point being whole VFX teams...
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    Community Project

    Looks cool, will be good when sound is finished on it. ATM i would say its hard to judge too much on the edit till there is a final combined peice. Then I can get a sense of pace etc. Keep it up so far so good.
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    Colour Grading - how to achieve this grade/muted look?

    Well if i was going to grade to get this sort of look id raise the black point a bit and lower the white point a bit to a mid tone sort of territory then raise the gamma a little so there is less contrast between the midpoint and the blacks. Colour wise it looks pretty neutral with a...
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    Reel/Website 2014

    Cant use Exodus in a showreel till its out on DVD :( kind of sucks think I did more work on it than the others so would have been good to put in. Cheers, fixed :)
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    Reel/Website 2014

    Hey, Been about 4-5 years scince I done a reel so decided it was time for an update. Its mostly stuff ive done professionally as a roto prep artist. Hope you enjoy.
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    Reel 2014

    Great stuff! Watched the whole thing, take that as a compliment :). Only thing I would say is you should put a title at the begining and end with your name and contact details etc. If i just watched that linked somewhere I wouldnt know who you are. But yea some sweet work there, congratulations.