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    Hi, everyone!

    Sure did, Maxsdad! Lol! Thanks, everyone!
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    Hi, everyone!

    Hi, IT. When scrolling over my name, I see I entered the wrong thing under the "From" category, and need to change it immediately, but can't find where to do that in the profile editor. Can you help me with that? Thank you!
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    Looking for production crew for Boston-area Irish Mob webseries!

    Hi, everyone! I'm brand new to the site, so hopefully I'm putting this in the right place. It looks like the correct forum. I'm planning to shoot a webseries in the Peabody, MA area in November. The shoot will mostly be weekends and may start in October, or extend into December, depending on...
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    Hi, everyone!

    Hello, everyone! My name is Jason Hebert and I am brand new to the site! I'm excited to get to know everyone and will be posting about a project I am working on in the Boston, MA area this coming November. It's a pleasure to meet you all! -Jay