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    A Little Scary

    Technically, I was distracted by the sound. The therapist's voice was almost always booming while the patient's voice was clearly being recorded with the mic too far away from him. There was noticeable reverberation when the patient spoke and none at all when the therapist spoke. It was easy...
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    favorite What's your favorite old technology movie?

    Soylent Green is a good one. Released in 73. It portrays the future of American, and presumably the world. In the movie we are treated to such futuristic technology as a video game that looks a lot like Asteroids, sliding doors, and social changes that include apartments equipped with live...
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    A Little Scary

    I think I missed the horror part. Didn't see any horror. The therapist was the best part of it. Without his performance, I probably would have turned it off after 1 minute.
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    Since I am 17, I dont really know what I’m doing

    Make something then show it to people who will be honest with you, but be careful, too many people will try to encourage you when inside they know you don't have it. Friends mean well but if they don't like your work, they will spare your feelings rather than give their honest opinion. Don't ask...
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    This is strange

    I might be glad if someone stole one of my scripts. Assuming your script is properly registered and protected, you might make more on an out of court settlement with whomever infringed upon your copyright than you would if you produced it yourself. I'm talking from the point of view of a...
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    review Detours

    It's the story of a newly single New Yorker re-locating to Florida; she drives south with her widowed dad and her mom's ashes in a coffee can. That's the tagline for this movie, which was written and produced by IndieTalk's own Mara Lesemann! Starring Tara Westwood and Carlo Forletta...
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    website Detours: "The 5Ws and How" column

    I did more than watch. I enjoyed... Review coming.
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    website Detours: "The 5Ws and How" column

    OK. Detours is on my schedule for 6pm. That's in 1 hours. First I have to run to the store for snacks then come home and set the room up just right. I'm so excited!!
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    Stereoscopic video - anaglyph

    Wow, I just noticed that if you watch the video on full screen, the compression all but destroys the quality of the 3D; Here is the same movie without all the youtube compression: 3D1 compilation
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    website Detours: "The 5Ws and How" column

    I"m reading it now.. Done. Wow! That was really cool. I haven't seen the movie yet and I know this is off subject but you have a movie that has some traveling scenes. Did you have to get permission if there was a Mcdonalds in the background or a Kinko copy center, or did you avoid those...
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    news Nicolas Cage Compares Upcoming ‘Longlegs’ to a Twisted ‘Pinocchio’: I’m Playing a ‘Possessed Geppetto’

    There was a time when I though Cage was going to become one of the great actors of our time. Right up there with Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, and Sean Penn. Instead he became a sell out. I think Sean Penn put it best when he said of Cage, 'he's not an actor, he's a performer...
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    Stereoscopic video - anaglyph

    Anaglyph 3D video compilation Here are 3 examples of what I consider good 3D video. You'll need red/cyan 3D glasses to see the images properly. Sorry but there are color limitations with anaglyph 3D. Enjoy!
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    distribution sobering view on the micro-budget film distribution.

    On Youtube, is it possible to have a popular channel show a 5 second ad for a movie? Approach the content producer and offer them some amount of money to show your 5 or 10 second ad a few times a day. Would Youtube allow that or would they see it as the content provider cutting them out of the...
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    distribution sobering view on the micro-budget film distribution.

    You have some very good points.. Now we need possible solutions. One thing is certain and that is that the internet offers free marketing. Anyone can promote anything, but like anything, there are people who are good at this and some who aren't.
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    cgi Dancing water

    Here's one I just did that demonstrates how a fluid simulation can be used with the influence of an animated model to create the appearance of water dancing. Any questions, feel free to ask.