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  1. A Terminator Trailer I did for Adobe!

    According to Google, the winner was from Paris. Are you saying Spain was specifically excluded??? That does not seem right.
  2. One location short-film: SUPERMARKET! Looking for recommendations

    How about.. someone has hidden something in the supermarket during the day... some blackmail, stolen technology, a clue to a crime... and the protagonist breaks into the supermarket at night to retrieve it, only to figure out... someone else is in there too, probably looking for the same thing.
  3. lighting Best Lighting Set Ups? Ways to Practice? Good Training Materials?

    Matt Workman is a good resource. He has a lot of videos on YouTube and also developed an app to help plan lighting and camera positioning. Matt Workman
  4. marketing No more DVDs

    That's really touching.
  5. pre-pro Best way to handle it?: Director partner tells me he has a new movie idea and wants to work alone

    Reminds me of a good old joke (with no disrespect to the OP here)... Question: What do you call a friend in Hollywood? Answer: Someone that stabs you in the chest.
  6. pre-pro Best way to handle it?: Director partner tells me he has a new movie idea and wants to work alone

    In general, I see nothing wrong with partners wanting to do projects outside the partnership (I understand you don't have a legal partnership, but you have been operating as partners for years). However, there is a way that mature people go about this. Having read through your posts, I suspect...
  7. favorite Favorite Scenes/Sequences Ever

    The ending of "Unforgiven". A man struggling to leave his past behind, reignites his inner demon to exact revenge. A truly great revisionist Western with one of the best endings I've ever seen in a movie. Echoes of "Shane", but I think a little better payoff.
  8. Hello from Los Angeles

    Hi Ralph. I'd love to hear what you find about an inventory system for equipment rentals. I ended up building my own in an Access database, but it's not very sophisticated and there are some things I still track by paper because of that.
  9. copyright So a major studio admitted to stealing my script...

    When the financial crisis hit, I was in fear of losing my job, had lost a considerable amount in retirement savings, and was in fear of losing my condo. I went to lunch with a good friend of mine and was expressing all of these fears. He responded with something I've never forgotten. He...
  10. pre-pro How true is this?

    If you think you can make a good feature film with the budget you have (or will raise), that is the right way to go. The issue of course is you say you have little experience, so you have no way to know if you are capable of making a good film, whether it be a feature or a short. Your friend...
  11. format OFF SCREEN and CON'T on same CHARACTER Line

    So, in your world, each department doesn't do their own breakdown, they depend on you to do it? Then they make estimates based on the scenes you've tagged?
  12. plot Realistic Criminal Organization: Loyalty, Incentives, Environment, and Betrayal?

    I think you're right. Most intelligent people -- with opportunities -- would not join a criminal organization. Most humans don't even commit crimes for the money even without all the encumbrances a mob life entails. The ones that join are generally family members and those that grow up around...
  13. plot Realistic Criminal Organization: Loyalty, Incentives, Environment, and Betrayal?

    You have one problem here: of course fear keeps people loyal. You may not like that answer, because you want to tell a different story, but then your story will be unrealistic. Hypothetically -- and I do mean hypothetically!!!! -- if the people that run this site said, we are going to kill...
  14. format OFF SCREEN and CON'T on same CHARACTER Line

    I know others have chimed in, but this seems right to me. Maybe a final answer for the OP. Thank you, Unknown. As to @geckopelli 's arguments, they seem to miss the point... the OP wants them to be in the same house. Yes, they may eventually be filmed in separate locations, but they are...
  15. misc "Re-times" in coloring

    I think in this case re-times means speeding up or slowing down of the footage. This kind of effect along with re-positioning might be handled by a VFX artist, but might also be done directly by the colorist if the effect can move from the edit software to Resolve. In either case the advice...