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    Any One In New York with a HD Camera?

    Contact Brooklyn Independent,, I know a lot of people there & they will do a great job for a reasonable rate.
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    Film Festival question. Please help!

    I would say the only important thing is to get it in front of people and hope that they like it enough to recommend to their friends or check the webiste out. Shorts competitions at festivals are lower key and friendlier than the feature competitions - I would recommend screening one episode as...
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    STANLEY CUBA World Premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Fest!

    Only 110 miles to SB from Hollywood, a quick drive ;)
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    STANLEY CUBA World Premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Fest!

    STANLEY CUBA will have its World Premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival! Showtimes 9pm Sat 27 Jan. -- At Victoria Hall Theater. Afterparty follows. Additional screening 31 Jan 12:30pm. Here is the writeup from the festival: " Stanley Cuba is a hapless photographer...
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    The Cost of Fifteen Minutes

    What is the name/director of the feature?
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    The Cost of Fifteen Minutes

    I am thinking that taking out an ad in the NYT or similar publication would help. Daily NYT has about a 1M circulation: If one out of a thousand readers decides to donate $5, that makes.. er, $5000. I guess it would perhaps cover the ad. Hmm...
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    The Cost of Fifteen Minutes

    Navigating the economically treacherous world of indie film, we are currently weighing the benefits of a) wide recognition or no money or b) some money and some recognition. At present I am inclined towards a). I do not how to insert a graph here, so I will attempt to explain: 1. Fame for...
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    watch Stanley Cuba new website & trailer

    Stanley Cuba new trailer & website Okay we're getting ready for the festival season and made a new website and trailer for Stanley Cuba: (Click on "trailer" on the site -- we only have quicktime trailers at the moment -- the site is done with frames and flash so I can't...
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    Best Editing System?

    If only price matters, and you have time to burn, sure you can use a free Linux solution, although good luck installing an HD capture board (I'm not up on the current state of Linux NLE's however). Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas are pretty good.. but I can't seem to find any job ads for editors...
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    Best Editing System?

    I'm now cutting uncompressed 1080/24p HD (telecined from S16mm) on my mac (g5 quad) and it's sweet! A G5 quad, plus the AJA Kona LHe card, and a 5-drive SATA array is all you need to cut 1080 24p uncompressed now. The whole system costs less than a used Ford.. The new Mac Pros will be even...
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    How do YOU direct actors?

    Clive, how do you protect the actor's space from "external stressors" - noisy crew, noisy locations, and so on? I seem to constantly battle to protect the performance space of the actors. I've also found that the DP, Script Supe, and AD also ask actors to cheat around for lighting or for...
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    Canon releases HD version of the GL series.

    I like it, but not really sold on it to spend $ for it. It always seems like something less compressed is just around the corner. HDV seems like too much of a compromise and it's awkward to use the HD-SDI output. The Panasonic solutions built around DVCPRO HD will probably get less expensive...
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    watch MOVIE TRAILER - BROKEN ($8000 Action Short - 100 Vfx Shots) DVX100a

    He's probably talking shooting budget.. anyways, Shake is now $500, Apple recently dropped the price :cool:
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    How much is too much?

    If something like a quick shot of a lantern is a serious issue for the distributor, then they are just too wimpy. Coleman most likely doesn't care and/or appreciates the free advertising. There is something in the US called the first amendment which carries more weight than a quick shot of a...
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    Where to get soundtracks transfered

    You can also go with noise and light in Seattle and most likely Forde Labs.