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  1. Sir James The Documentary

    Sir James The Documentary

    Sir James Thornhill is a nationally famous muralist that lives in Richmond, Virginia. Sir James tells his story and explains to us what his art means and why...
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    Comment by 'ethanxevans' in media 'Infinitus Short Film'

    this was great! I can tell you put in a lot of work! Feature coming soon?
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    website New Free Self Service Distribution Site For Your Film

    Indie Tube is a new site (About a year old) that lets you upload and import your feature films, shorts and series to its platform. They even promote your films too. They also offer 4 different ways to get paid if that's your thing. You can sell your videos, rent out your films, charge users to...
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    marketing Best way to get exposure for my film?

    Indie Tube is a good source, as well as Film Freeway. Indie Tube is newer but they allow you to sell your content as well.
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    Songwriter and Composer looking to collaborate or donate pre-existing works to film

    Noted. I am a director. We could use your music in an Amazon Prime series we are filming.
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    Hello Indie Talk. I am a director from Richmond, Virginia and an entrepreneur. Currently I film documentaries, dramas and action films.