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    lighting Does diffusion affects the light temperature?

    I would like to know if, for ex.; I use a 3200K light, and in front of it I use a Silk diffusion, it will cast as a, for ex. 4000K light? If that's right, which is the appropriate way to calculate it? I was arguing with a co-worker about this and had the doubt. Thank you
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    8 bits 4:2:2 on mirrorless cameras?

    I was looking for some cameras that can record 8 bits 4:2:2 internally, and I found some that can record 10 bits 4:2:0 internally (like the new Fuji X-T3), and the GH5 that can record up to 10 bits 4:2:2 internally. But I never saw any camera that could do 8 bits 4:2:2. Why? I imagine that both...
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    Shutter speed or frame rate?

    Thank you!!
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    Shutter speed or frame rate?

    Hi! I have a project soon where there'll be some action scenes, my question is, for the fast motion look that we see in some videos, what is the correct technique; should I make the shutter speed faster and leave the settings at 24fps or I should record at 50/60fps at the same time I change the...
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    [Jan 29] What are you working on this week?

    I'm thinking what I could produce for the final project of "Audiovisual art story". A shortfilm about some historical moment of cinematogrphy, an explanation about some phenomenon of cine, or maybe a narration with visual representations of the whole story. HAHA, some suggestion?
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    Looking for short scripts to film?

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    ad Free and Open Source Software for Screenwriters

    Seems good, I'm going to give it a try :thumbsup:
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    Thoughts about variable lights?

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    Thoughts about variable lights?

    I see. I took a look at the Aputure H198 Amaran too, but I think that maybe is too little for a key light, some suggestion? (under the 100 us.)
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    Thoughts about variable lights?

    Hi! As a film student I have been considering buying some lights to learn how to light. I made my homework and LED panels seems to be what I need, considering budget and function. The NEEWER CN-304 conviced me, but I was reading and looking, and I found out that some people say that it's better...
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    What's the difference between framing and composition?

    Thanks Cracker Funk and indietalk, I got it with your examples and explanations.
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    What's the difference between framing and composition?

    Recently, my Audiovisual Communication Theory assign me an exposition of framing on graphic image. There was another theme called "Iconic Composition" and I was thinking: "what's the difference between framing and composition?". At first I though that the framing was more the position of the...
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    Hello from Dominican Republic

    Hi, everyone! My name is Enmanuel Jaquez and i'm from Santiago, Dominican Republic. I've been interested on audiovisual production since I was on the highschool, and now I'm studying cinematography. I'm looking forward to learn, discuss, see the work from others and maybe soon to share some of...