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    watch COOL GUYS & CUTE GIRLS Martial Arts and Food Fighting WEB SERIES

    Hey everyone, I’ve completed the first two episodes of my web series... JOHNNY WONGS ROCKABILLY RESTARAUNT REVIEWS It’s like Jackie Chan meets American Graffiti with some Scott Pilgrim. Logline: A food-blogging duo must battle their way to the top of LA’s cut throat culinary scene. It’s...
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    directing Directing crisis

    Hey buddy Sounds like you bit off more than you can chew. If you have that amount of a budget to spend, I highly recommend putting a pause on it, simplifying it to a 10 minute short film and recasting. How long is the script? I suggest simplifying because you want to put MORE EFFORT into a...
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    acting Acting and shooting scenes with just two people...

    When I first started out, I shot, directed and acted in my films entirely my myself. It is possible to do it with just the both of you and I think it’ll be a fun challenge. First set up the shot on the tripod. Make a really interesting looking composition. Find props or furniture you can...
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    Most popular sites for casting?

    Instagram is good as well. I'Ve booked people off of there.
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    pre-pro Your Next Project

    What kind of cameras and equipment do you have?
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    directing Locations

    Each room in a house is not a different location. Sounds like you have 4 locations with multiple setups.
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    I use my iPad Pro and a program called Sketch Book Pro and do everything by hand. After I'm don, I export the files out as JPEG to send to my crew. It has layers so stack scene as well as erase at anytime. Super easy to use.
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    pre-pro Your Next Project

    I work as a commercial director for my day job. I specialize in action-comedy and sci-fi. Outside of my commercials, I've been working on a web series over the last year called Johnny Wong's Rockabilly Restaraunt Reviews. It's an action-comedy about food-blogging gangs. I describe it as...
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    Action-comedy & Sci-fi director. I direct commercials for a living. Current project: Johnny...

    Action-comedy & Sci-fi director. I direct commercials for a living. Current project: Johnny Wong's Rockabilly Restaraunt Reviews Website:
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    Hi I'm Jason and I'm a director

    What's up everyone I'm a full-time director who specializes in action-comedy and sci-fi. I grew up on Hong Kong flicks from the 80's and it's been a huge influence in my style and vibe. I describe my work as a mix of gritty, hard-boiled action and cocky comedy, always done with a healthy...