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    Who Needs Enemies (2013)

    Hi guys, thanks for all the support you've given throughout the years, it's been invaluable. Here is my finished no-budget film on sale in US. Hope you support the cause and add it to you DVD collection. Many thanks DS
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    Need an honest opinion for the sake of the show

    If you didn't sign something saying you get final cut then suck it up man coz it's her baby - she wrote it, produced it, starred in it. Move on to your next project. ps: It's not that bad, the editing isn't great. Liked the FBI actor, he's got talent. Would be a great web series if it was tuned...
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    Why so pessimist about distribution?

    Don't be pessimistic about distribution be pessimistic about your movie and level of professionalism.
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    Has anyone here ever applied for a BFI production grant?

    Make sure the film either celebrates Britain somehow or is completely depressing...better still...both...
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    Sound-wise, is this film doable?

    Speaking from experience, if you're going to spend that money on anything then spend it on a Professional sound guy. and trust me, you can afford it, just shop around, even if it's a semi-pro at 100 a day, do it.
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    "Man of Steel"

    Defo expected more from Zack Snyder. Just didn't have that baddassness his other films do.
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    "Man of Steel"

    Yeah I left before the end. Generic and boring really. They killed off the Clark Kent persona. No humor at all.
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    Locations - how to get on low budget?

    Beg, steal and borrow. We paid for one location (nightclub) all the rest we got simply by asking the owner and maybe offering them a small role in the film (extra). We also mentioned that we'd put them on the credits, invite them to the 'premiere' etc. Most people are quite sympathetic and...
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    Can I claim a cinematography credit?

    In the contract it obviously states that he will be presented with the credit but nothing about him being sole credit. I though that if I were to take credit that maybe I'd need to sign a DOP release or something too. Anyways, it is all moot, as I stated, I'm leaving the credit as is.
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    Can I claim a cinematography credit?

    Actually it has two distribution deals and is set for a limited theatrical release. The trailer will be on youtube though.
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    Can I claim a cinematography credit?

    In the spirit of this being my first film and not wanting my name pasted all over the credits, I will let this slide. After all that has been said I must point out that this DP is a 'genius' in photography, his pictures are simply stunning. However, as I and he found out, Cinematography is a...
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    Can I claim a cinematography credit?

    My OP was to determine if I could legally change credit not if I should. Thank you for your feedback I will make a decision on the subject in due course.
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    Can I claim a cinematography credit?

    Funny you should mention this as this point is the only reason I would NOT add my name to DP credit. And by the way, there were no light readings, no flags set up, no light planning without my plans, no kelvin ratings (in fact he had the wrong white balance set on his B-cam for the first 3 days...
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    Can I claim a cinematography credit?

    I'm the opposite. I feel credit where credit is due and I feel those who get credit when they don't deserve it just isn't right. I wouldn't want to take credit for someone elses work and I wouldn't approve if someone wanted credit for mine. I recorded quite a bit of sound myself yet I won't...
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    Can I claim a cinematography credit?

    I'll ask him as I'm sure he'll agree it is the right thing to do. I'll double check the contract too. I must include that I'm not greedy with credit and there are a lot of things I take background for but if, in your instance, you ended up re-writing the script and the screenwriter was there to...