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    How to Open a small Independent Prod Company?

    Some great information here. Thanks everyone...even though I didn't ask the original question... I just opened up a new wedding videography company, but I'm going to have a sister production company pretty soon.
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    Afrer Effects - Multi Machine noob question

    Hello gents, I've been toying around with "render farming" with after effects with a couple old PC's I have. I've figured out how to do it, but what do I do with all these PSD files? How do I make them back into video?
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    How to create awesome trailer

    Commercial or trailer?
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    MAE Films Demo

    Oak, Most footage was native 16:9, there was a few shots that was converted from 4:3 for the demo. That being said, I'm not sure what the issue would be...hmm. I don't personally notice it, but that don't mean nothing. Spinner, Check your PM in a sec. Also, to answer your question: We...
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    MAE Films Demo

    Hey guys, My company just got a demo done of some of the stuff we did last year. Check it out, tell me what to think! Feel free to not hold back any punches ;)
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    Portable lighting setup?

    How big of lights you talking? We have battery powered lights attached to poles that are good for up to 5 feet away. We use them when we have to tape dark bars or places of that nature, where being portable and not having a cord plugged into a wall and tripping someone is important. But...
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    How bad is the mounted mic on the XH-A1?

    LOL @ the picture of the cup. That's something you could test by yourself in 10 seconds. I'm not 100% sure what it will do, but I don't think your going to get desired results. However, if you have 2 cans and a string, I have an idea....
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    How bad is the mounted mic on the XH-A1?

    Ah...well in that case, go ahead and just do it. Depending on what your trying to do with it, it won't be that bad. From your first post I thought you were getting one like the next weekend or something :D
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    Indies with great stories?

    Who the heck thought I <3 Huckabee's had a great story? I wanted to like it, but there's a difference between quirky and just plain weird. It was plain weird. And not entertainingly weird. :(
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    How bad is the mounted mic on the XH-A1?

    Half of a movie is sound. Your original question wasn't whether or not you should shoot it or not, it was if your on-camera mic is good enough. If your ordering a mic anyways, why not wait to do it right? /Sells his 2 pennies for 2.01 cents.
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    Blurring out logos, faces, words...

    I live right outside of Flint, and work right outside of Detroit. I get the best of both worlds. And an hour commute :(
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    Blurring out logos, faces, words...

    If you know how to do keyframes, motion isn't an issue really. Just time consuming is all. If you don't know how to keyframe, it's a perfect time to learn ;) You might want to just blur out Detroit in general :p
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    Blurring out logos, faces, words...

    "I have Final Cut Pro, is there a quick way -- well, nothing is quick...or easy, but how can I blur out a section of the marquee without blurring the entire picture? Can I do this through FCP?" I have never user final cut, so I'm sure there's an easier way, but you could always make a copy of...
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    James Cameron did a Rodriguez, who'd of thunk it!

    You stole my thoughts!
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    How bad is the mounted mic on the XH-A1?

    Don't do it! Don't you dare do it! The sound variance(volume, hollowness, room tone) between different shots will annoy your viewer! Especially if you do a lot of different shots.