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    Thanks Caidh. Actually the person editing that part of the trailer where you see the vignette on the "Coach" That was a stupid mistake that I had fixed but my computer was not rendering it at all and failed on me this morning. SO I just had him upload that version knowing no filmmakers just...
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    SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE - Official Trailer (2012) Link to Vimeo for higher quality: Link to Facebook page: Link to Website: If...
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    What are you working on?

    I am about to shoot one FINAL scene for my film: Something For Someone and this is a huge boxing school scene where we have a casting Director to get us 150+ Extras for this shoot. Then we will be in post production for everything. Here is a quick pic of the event card we posted everywhere.
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    watch First Trailer for "RIDE"

    Honestly I was reading it and got excited like I thought it was a slow build up to something massive at the end but it wasnt.. I also think that most people will say the tetx intro is too long and people dont wanna read that much.. THEY are right.. BUT iif you make your next trailer 1:30 with...
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    Davinci Resolve COLOR CORRECTION TEST!

    That's a very good point, again it's not the real CC/CG just too see what Resolve is capable of haha. But definitely good point man! It could use a little toning down and maybe a stronger vignette on the main actor.
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    Davinci Resolve COLOR CORRECTION TEST!

    Okay, so before everyone says ohh lol blacks so crushed. I grade darker for example work because most kids have a bright uncalibrated monitor on default so this would actually appear to them to have perfect blacks... When I am broadcasting for TV I ALWAYS CC/CG on a correct calibrated monitor...
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    Davinci Resolve COLOR CORRECTION TEST!

    Actually I was going to post this but I thought most of you would catch it at "There was a LUT applied to this to correct Cinestyle footage and make it Standard." But basically that is the settings that comes rom the technicolor cinestyle LUT. One of my pet peevs is actually crushing the blacks...
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    Davinci Resolve COLOR CORRECTION TEST!

    YES! Exactly haha everyone sees things differently and some things look good to some but not others. and no problem glad to share with the community!
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    Davinci Resolve COLOR CORRECTION TEST!

    Hey everyone, So basically this is a test of Davinci resolve with 60D footage and Technicolor Cinestyle flat image. WATCH IN HD its only 38 seconds! :yes: This was done in around 15-30 minutes just messing around and this would have taken at least 1-2...
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    New logo INTRO

    Haha, your the man (mussonman) :cheers:
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    New logo INTRO

    Thanks Phil i'll let him know you like it :) I was thinking the same but if you watch Lionsgate, Warners or Universal they are all along the 20- 24 second mark but then again this isn't Hollywood it's (Indywood) aha.. For Indy though I think he did well if anything like you said ill have him...
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    New logo INTRO Hey everyone, so me an my crew have only have ONE MORE SHOOT! Haha we are topping it off with a big finale boxing scene with around 75-100 extras(we got a casting Director). Anyway that was off topic... Just wanted to share with you what my VFX guy...
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    Man Of Steel Trailer JOR-EL VS Jonathan Kent

    Hey guys so for a while now two rough cuts of the Man Of Steel trailer were released and one version is voiced over by JOR-EL and the other, Jonathan Kent. Which one did you prefer or stand out more to you? JOR-EL VERSION: JONATHAN KENT VERSION...
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    New to this Site!

    Hey Zuzana, Welcome to the community! I hope all goes as planned for your project and good luck :) -Conner
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    Pants like these...

    Just make sure every crew member has got a big BOOTY hahaha Thanks for the share mann!