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    Proper deal, idea only

    Hi All, Thanks for the informative discussion. To update, the writer turned the offer down and I thanked her. However, I have been inspired by her idea and began down a different path. It's still an AI piece, but nothing from the original concept/idea remains. In response to this thread, I...
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    Proper deal, idea only

    I put out a "call for scripts" and explained that we were proceeding as a dogma 95 project and writers would receive a stipend and percentage. I wouldn't feel right taking their idea without some sort of compensation/percentage, because I wouldn't have it on my own.
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    Proper deal, idea only

    Hi All, A writer submitted to me a 17 page script that has a good idea for AI pilot/short. I want to offer the writer a stipend and % of ownership of the project, because I don't want to use their lines, but put into a workshop phase with my theater company and develop a new script. This is a...
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    Hi I'm a theater and opera director. I have dabbled in film. You can see my company here: Looking forward to joining here. J