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  1. Hello from Ireland!

    :hi: West Cork? Do you know my cousin Martin in Macroom? :cool:
  2. What are you working on today? Community Blog

    Yes ... with the application of large quantities of plastic of approximately 85x55mm, and much compromising on my usual value-for-money researches. Am somewhat peeved that I made those compromises on the back of a promise that it'd be back on the road by the last day of the month, so that I...
  3. misc Would anyone be available to help with criticising an edit?

    Hi Paul, coming in a bit late, but I have time this week to give you feedback as seen through "European" eyes if that's of interest. I'm reasonably familiar with the UK ad style, as broadcast on Sky, ITV, C4 (as well as the similar content distributed on Irish channels) ... even if I generally...
  4. What are you working on today? Community Blog

    Way too much going on! Have just returned home after a fortnight of (metaphorical) firefighting for people who didn't take my advice six years ago; and that after two weeks of my own wailing and gnashing of teeth after my motorhome (and home-office-away-from-home) engine decided to have a major...
  5. My Introduction

    :hi: Salut @jannate - t'es dans quel coin ?
  6. Hello! Here is a newbie to make films.

    :hi: Bonjour, from someone who's spent way too many hours photographing wildlife these last few months!
  7. Hello!

    :hi: Hi, Daarya.
  8. Hello from the UK- Seeking fellow passionate filmmakers

    :hi: Greetings from the far side of the Channel. I know Brexit has seriously changed things for GB-based artists of all kinds, but if you're looking for arthouse cinema, there's no shortage of it here. ;)
  9. Hiya from Melbourne Australia

    :hi: G'day Kram. Been a long time since I visited Melbourne - has it changed? :D
  10. Finito

    Looking on from afar, I was wondering if your profile location had been allowed to lapse. If one were to believe what one sees on streamed media, only those few states have been affected ... Sorry to hear how badly you've been hit; hope you can salvage more than it looks at the moment.
  11. Hello IndieTalk

    Oblique void? Like the space in Europe left by the British since Brexit? :D :hi:Greetings from another part of the same continent.
  12. Alchoholism, and the Myriad Benefits of a Trainwreck Persona

    :secret: Probably not the best metaphor, because you do, in fact, build a staircase "all at once" :cool: What Nate's doing is exactly how you build a staircase - first define how high you want it to reach, decide whether it goes up in a straight line or with twists and turns, choose the...
  13. Looking for production crew for Boston-area Irish Mob webseries!

    Good luck with all of that - no easy feat to pull off on a shoestring. There's one detail in that summary that strikes me as "as a bit off" though - the character names and ethnicities appear to be out of kilter with the series theme. What I assume to be the primary characters [white, male] are...
  14. Hi, everyone!

    :hi: Greetings Jason, from the Far Side of the Pond
  15. score Working with composers: How do you keep track on feedback?

    Sounds to me like a lot of people being asked/encouraged to meddle in the affairs of others! Why do the producers and network all have to give feedback at what seems to be quite a late stage in the process? Surely the director would look for/be given a set of guidelines as to style, content and...