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    My writing.

    I'm a great believer in running several projects in parallel, as long as they're not competing for (exactly) the same resources. In principal, my logic is that when inspiration dries up for one, I have another to into which I can pour my energies; in practice, I regularly find that it's because...
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    misc How do I show frustration?

    Body language of the frustrated person, out of the line of sight of the one causing it - rolling of eyes, facepalm, hair-pulling, anything that suggests impending psycopathic behaviour! Example from 1m35s to 1m43s
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    computer-related Flat or curved monitor for screenwriting?

    Comparison of Flat and Curved Monitors: Eyestrain Caused by Intensive Visual Search Task If you're worried about eyestrain, use paper or : take regular breaks from staring at the screen, and have it at the right height, and have a good sitting/standing posture, and use a proper keyboard...
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    story It was all just a Dream

    :hmm: If you're the script writer-artist-director yes; if you're collaborating with others, there are limits. Say the script reads "[guy] finds himself standing alone in a vast white plain ..." You can't really start adding in pink unicorns and giant mushrooms just for fun!
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    movies Movie Locations Thread

    Usually only if I think I recognise the location, or know that I ought to because it's somewhere I've already been. Or if it's a cool-looking place and I want to find out whether or not it exists in real life. The clinic where James Bond first met Madeleine Swann exists, and is on my "must go...
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    :hi: Greetings! (Is polyvision a superpower? 🤔 )
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    Ciao everybody

    :hi: Greetings, fellow traveller!
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    dialogue Thoughts on VO narration?

    Better to have Red give a straightforward narration to explain what's happened over several long periods of time than try to write endlessly repetitive scenes describing the events. Stranger Than Fiction is a great use of third-party narration, but not really suitable for repeated use! I'd be...
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    screenplay Chekhov's gun in the modern era

    One sign of a well-made movie, at least for me, is that when re-watching it, you see things that you didn't see the first (second, or third) time. Perhaps a "throwaway phrase" that wasn't so throwaway after all, perhaps a camera angle or lighting choice that suddenly makes more sense, perhaps a...
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    marketing FREE instructional CDs on using Microsoft Office and more!!

    The fundamental flaw in this idea is that it'd more than likely be taken on by some "disruptive entrepreneur" who'd team up with a bunch of geeks to handle the necessary digital delivery, with an indie producer given the job of curating the library of films. And while said producer was quietly...
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    marketing FREE instructional CDs on using Microsoft Office and more!!

    It does in some contexts. At the music-and-dance events I go to - always live bands - most of the groups will have a CD to sell, sometimes several of them, and (priced from 8-15€ per disc) they usually sell quite well. Promoting her group's new album at one recent event, the lead musician...
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    producing Army of One

    Been thinking all day about this part of what you said, which ties in with @JKierskicine1207 's laments, and I think it comes back to something I referred to on this thread earlier in the year: the last few decades have seen software companies - and especially their marketing departments -...
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    producing Army of One

    Much of this discussion reminds me of a comment made to me several years ago by an artist friend (of the oil-on-canvas variety) about the relative financial success of the different participants at an exhibition: she - one of the permanently poor - referred to the guy at the stand across the way...
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    An interesting world

    :lol: I regularly tease my "wireless" offspring, strangled by a plethora of cables of one kind or another, how we were the true wireless generation. If you wanted to send a voice message to someone, you found a willing child and sent them running off to deliver it, with instructions to wait (or...
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    An interesting world

    It's funny how time and distance can have such an effect on one's perspective! Not sure, @Nate North , whether it's a typo or you really meant to refer to 1921, but this would have been in/or around 1971, and it was (more or less) the time, place and context of my youth, so when I look at that...