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  1. [Jan 1] What are you working on this... year?

    Hoping to finally get Love & Marriage (my 48-hour feature project) filmed. I'm in talks with a potential co-producer at the moment. Fingers crossed she comes on board, and then I think we'll be in good shape to actually get it made! Also fingers crossed that my two lead actors will still be on...
  2. [May 1] What are you working on this week?

    *Finally* locking the location for my feature. Headed out there on Thursday to figure out specifics ( in case anyone is interested) of where we'll be filming and where cast/crew will be sleeping. It's going to be a little bit interesting since we'll be filming in...
  3. [Mar 20] What are you working on this week?

    I will definitely keep everyone posted. I've been MIA for quite awhile here, but I'm sure I'll have questions/want input along the way since this is my first feature! And I can so relate to the finding co-producers thing. I sort of have a co-producer for this one, but she's on the opposite...
  4. Should I add character description in this scenario?

    Here's my big question: why are you specifying height and weight in a script? Unless it's vital to the plot and the whole thing would fall apart if you didn't specify these things, don't include it. Same goes for the vast majority of physical description.
  5. Tripod with wheels that goes straight without a track?

    Yep. It's called a stroller (like, actual baby stroller). Used one in place of a dolly on a music video I shot and you'd never know the difference.
  6. [Mar 20] What are you working on this week?

    Working on casting and location for my first feature, shooting late summer/early fall. Landed my dream actor for one role last week, so I'm full-speed ahead now! Meeting with the owner of a location on Wednesday, emailing to follow up with some actors I've already been talking to, and meeting...
  7. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    I'm so stressed about audio, because I realize how important it is and yet I have zero knowledge about it outside of the very basics. I don't even have a great ear for it. Luckily one of my best friends is a music producer, so at least I can go to him and be like "does this sound good?" and he...
  8. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    Works for me. :D
  9. How is this Logline?

    The concept is good, but the logline is falling flat. I'd rewrite something like: An art school reject comes face to face with real-life versions of his own creations and [here's the part where you tell us the actual conflict of the story].
  10. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    That's amazing! I can't imagine doing it on film. I've seen the 80s version of that film, but haven't seen Corman's. I'll have to watch it! Thanks! The reader I got notes from found it hilarious. Hopefully a majority of those who see the final project will feel the same way...
  11. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    A monopod is an excellent idea. Putting that on my list of new equipment to buy between now and August...
  12. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    Yes. Exactly. Keep doing this and keep me motivated. :D
  13. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    Yes, I'm failing at proofreading my forum posts so that I make sure what I say is what I mean. You got me there. Also succeeding at getting a whole bunch of tasks done (well) on the film. :woohoo:
  14. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    Yes! That's what I meant re:coverage. My brain is only half functional today. Multitasking like crazy. Typical thursday!
  15. Shooting an entire feature in a weekend

    Thanks! In other news, just got someone to give us part of the wardrobe needed! Really psyched about it, since it's one of my favorite companies. One foot in front of the other!