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    directing Proof of Concept

    Thank you for the responses. I’m wanting to provide a high quality visual inspiration to see if someone wants to buy the rights to make a feature film. The only examples I find online entail that same person directing the bigger film, which I have no interest in.
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    directing Proof of Concept

    I have a question about the success that can be obtained from making a Proof-of-Concept short film / trailer. My research finds that filmmakers do this in the hopes of a studio financing them to direct their own feature-length film. Do filmmakers ever make PoC for the purpose of selling the...
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    Hello, I work in customer service for a P&C insurance company in Missouri and have ambitious plans to relocate to a new state and take up real estate photography. I am also interested in pursuing screenwriting and VR 180 short-film creation. I’m blown away by the potential of the 3D look of...