Writer, Stills Photographer and Actress
New breed music video - Extra

Come on down - Actress

Chris Cross magician - Actress

Streetdance 2 3d - Extra

The man inside - Actress (uncredited due to issues with director)

Jack the ripper - Actress (filming stopped due to a cast member accident, never finished)

Songs for marion (renamed unfinished song) - Actress (scene with Terrance Stamp cut down to just an extra in
final edit unfortunately)

Cheesecake punk music video - Stills Photographer

Zombie women of satan 2 (renamed Female zombie riot) - Actress and Stills Photographer

Blaze of gory - Actress

Bored Game (short) - Camera and Editing
Favorite Film(s)
Animal House
Blues Brothers
Velvet Goldmine
Young Guns
Near Dark
Teenage Dirtbag
Favorite Director(s)
John Landis, Katheryn Bigelow, Regina Crosby, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Smith



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