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    Lego music video "Welcome to Bricksonville"

    Thank you both! :) Haha, glad you watched it several times, that's how it was meant to be. 😁 But Full House never came to my mind 😅😉 But you're right, it could be the theme song for an 80/90s series. :) Thanks again!
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    Lego music video "Welcome to Bricksonville"

    Hi there, I created a music video about my illuminated Lego city. In the city there are a lot of movie / series references which you might enjoy. The song is by Adam Blotner, a professional musican. I'm happy about every feedback :)
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    Hello from Germany

    Hi there, I'm a big movie and Lego fan from Germany. And I love to combine these elements. Since 2017, I run a youtube channel for which I create some elaborate videos from time to time. I hope I can exchange some ideas here :)