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    camera-dept Good Starting Cameras For a Broke High Schooler?

    As bizarre as it sounds, your best investments are in accessories. I don't know if a tripod would be considered an accessory, but get quality. If you do purchase a quality tripod it will last you through many cameras. Things as mundane as C-stands will last you for decades. I obviously...
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    distribution Streaming services are losing members.

    Because they felt they needed to compete with Fox Nation. To spread out the financial and legal liabilities, and to satisfy the on-demand market. ------- My guess is that at some point the streaming services will become hosting platforms. They'll charge $XXXX per terra-byte to the content...
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    misc Disney is caught in the Woke controversy.

    Moderation is a wiser policy than zealotry. - Christopher Paolini Moderation is the center wherein all philosophies, both human and divine, meet. - Benjamin Disraeli The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools. - Ecclesiastes 9:17 If only there were...
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    howdy doody

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    misc Disney is caught in the Woke controversy.

    It wasn't a major movement, but... Not long after 9/11 Juan Williams was hounded out of his PBS job because he said that several middle eastern men on his flight made him nervous. Not only is it ridiculous to attempt to destroy someone for relating honest feelings, if anyone had any brains it...
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    misc Disney is caught in the Woke controversy.

    The whole Disney situation typifies what I dislike about the current political climate. For some reason corporations - and even individual celebrities - feel that they MUST take a very loud stand on the most controversial political topics. Okay, you can take any position that you want, that...
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    movies GI Jane

    Once I was reconciled to the fact that I would not be a rock star, and concentrated on my "supporting" role of musical director, it actually made my life a little easier. One band with which I performed was rather notorious; every time I went out to shop or eat or whatever I would be accosted...
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    movies Babylon 5 reboot in the works.

    Dat's wight, wabbit!
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    I just wrote out a scene about a ships stored in space.

    One of my "rules" is people who have doppelgangers cannot travel to other universes in which they have a doppelganger, so they cannot meet themselves. It's similar to my "no physical presence in the past, observation only" rule; it's a way the multiverse protects itself.
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    I just wrote out a scene about a ships stored in space.

    Wow. After I finish my current WIP my next story was specifically about a multiverse.
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    camera Any advice for three camera, three person discussion set-up

    As an audio guy, how are you handling the sound?
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    software Stupid Robot

    Oh? Really?
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    music Fun Facts #2 - Do You Know The Answer?

    There are 34 songs listed on the soundtrack, and there are a few more not included. (Hanky Panky is one.) When Zemeckis and Silvestri discussed the score, they decided that source music would go with the action, score would support the emotions.
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    misc Where do good ideas come from?

    The best question for creative people is "What if?" What if... aliens invaded, a plague got loose, there was a nuclear war, animals could talk, you got drunk and can't remember what you did last night, and a million others. Most of them have been done in one way or another. It all comes down...