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    watch short film

    I'll agree with Celtic; the VO quality needs A LOT of work. The sound of the room makes it very difficult to mix properly, as reverb (the room ambience in this case) tends to pull things back in the mix. It also makes for less intelligibility. I'll agree again. A little research - or asking...
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    Greetings from Mad Wife Productions

    The Gary Jules version is the most well known (157M views); it's from the "Donnie Darko" soundtrack. I remember when the Tears for Fears version came out back in the early 80s.
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    story Outpost 217

    The real world has come crashing in, so I'm not getting as much writing and research time in as I would like. I have been world building my "evil empire;" basic political structure, history, etc. I am having trouble with my baddies. Looks like I'll have to do some serious background stories...
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    Greetings from Mad Wife Productions

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    Hi there!

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    Greetings from Mad Wife Productions

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    I am Spanish voice over from

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    16 year old aspiring Film Director!

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    Dramaturgist & Philosopher with an unusual view on things...

    My guess would be that the entire score was done using MIDI and Samples.
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    Action / Drama Director here

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