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    [Feb 19] What are you working on this week?

    We got the cover on Cinefex, and last week won a VES Award for best animated character.
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    How to get into advanced visual effects

    Is your goal to do this professionally, or as a hobby?
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    I use Maya. Often, I just watch other people use it. Started with 3D Studio v1, SoftImage, and currently Maya.
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    watch My Animation Reels

    I love RH's films and also met him on several occasions. I supervised one sequence which was an homage to Ray's legacy, so I appreciate seeing you doing the same. :thumbsup: - Thomas
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    watch My Animation Reels

    I'm seeing lots of Ray in your reels. Nice.
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    Question About Particle VFX

    Exactly. I wrote my short around the locations thats that I secured (for free). Same goes for VFX.
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    Question About Particle VFX

    In the right hands, your desired effect is quite possible. But, I think you might be going about this the wrong way. When working on a limited production budget, you've got to work with the tools you have on hand. When writing locations, it's a good practice to find & secure a location, and...
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    Storyboarding Software: Storyboarder

    I did a search and didn't see it here. It's quick, simple, and free. STORYBOARDER
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    [Sep 11] What are you working on this week?

    Started a new script today! Finally back to my personal projects. For the past year, I've been quietly working on a TV show; 4 episodes, as VFX Supervisor. I can finally announce it. In this sequence, we created Drogon. Someone else did the digital soldiers: CLICK HERE
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    misc Cost of 3D PreViz

    I like your work, but in terms of advancing your marketability most previs is generally animated (as opposed still frames). So, you're currently creating something closer to 3D story reels, as opposed to contemporary previsualizations. Here's some food for thought: - Animated previs in line...
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    misc Cost of 3D PreViz

    Producers deal in absolutes and will want to know how much previs will cost before awarding the contract. There's certainly room to charge overages when the client makes requests beyond the scope of the contract, so you will want to focus closely on the details. It's not uncommon to add...
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    misc Cost of 3D PreViz

    Your personal projects are a good benchmark. What you need to account for in your bid is: - Operating costs - all of them (be honest with yourself) - Your profit/income - Complexity of the job relative to your previous projects - Client changes (and there will be many) - Your experience/resume...
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    misc Cost of 3D PreViz

    Well done. The bar fight was effective. I use storyboards, previs, and videomatics all the time. Some folks think it stifles creativity on the set, but I think it gives me additional opportunities that I would never have come up with on-the-day. When bidding work, I do not quote based on the...
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    [Jul 3] What are you working on this week?

    Wrapping VFX project soon. Everybody is on high alert.
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    New Girl Here