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  • Infinitus Main Trailer
    Yeah I will do another trailer closer to release. Maybe I can fix some things in that one.
  • Infinitus Main Trailer
    I don't need plot details, but do like some sense of what the story's about, rather than just great visuals.
  • Infinitus Main Trailer
    Very cool, man. I agree with IT. If I had no idea what the title of your other film was, I would not have been able to read what it said. Since...
  • Infinitus Main Trailer
    Actually these days is more teasers because of short attention span and social media. Old school trailers are pretty long and detailed. Maybe, to...
  • Infinitus Main Trailer
    Thanks for the feedback. I personally don't like trailers that reveal much of the plot, but I get most people want more explaining these days...
  • Infinitus Main Trailer
    Great trailer man! Teaser, really, to me since it teases with limited info. I really liked it! Great photography and pacing. When she puts the...
  • Papieren Land (2018) - Marie Bink van Vollenhoven & Shahib Sabryie Sidow
    Papieren Land. I did the editing of this awesome movie. A 50 minutes surreal movie about friendship, bureaucracy, sadness, pain, life, and art. I...
  • Official Kushtaka Trailer
    You folks are too kind.
  • Nowhere Man - official teaser trailer
    Congrats! Nice little winner banner up there too!