Infinitus Short Film

Science has failed, and an operation to harness energy from the sun has resulted in disaster. With the light from the sun now gone, humanity lives deep underground…
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good you dont have to defend or justify anything i'm just trying to be constructive and help you get better. always keep in mind its way easier to criticize than it is to create, so someone maybe able to come along and punch holes in your work or improve an aspect of it but that doesnt mean they would be able to create it from scratch
I understand. Hopefully I'm not coming off as defensive. I'm glad you are telling it like it is and not just saying "great job" like my Mom and Wife does all the time.
this was great! I can tell you put in a lot of work! Feature coming soon?
Thanks for watching! We did get asked to write a treatment for a Production Studio, but I haven't heard anything back yet after submitting one.

Since I am mostly working short films in a hobbyist/experience only mentality, I'm not really pushing for it at this point. Next plan is to finish re-writing out the next short film down the chain and get ready for the next project on the list!

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