Down Trailer

Daniel struggles with his memory as his friend Seth attempts to help him remember, but the memories hold a darker secret than Daniel is willing to confront.
It's hard for me to hear what anyone is saying. Gotta duck those music levels. It looks well shot and acted, though. Good tease with the box.
I also had issues understanding the audio. As the director when you already know what is being said, even if it's poor, you understand it since you know it and it's harder to recognize issues.
Thanks @Scoopicman and @indietalk for watching and commenting. I will say that I am not actually the director. I was the DP and, since he listed me as one, producer. I didn't put the trailer together myself. I didn't notice any audio issues, but then again, I was on set for everything. I wish I had gotten this feedback sooner; the director released the short film on Friday.
I imagine it's the trailer not the film! You have a guy with a soft but deep voice and loud building music. I can grasp it with some effort but that's the problem. But like I said prob just the trailer. Well short sir!

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Indie of the Month 2020-01 - Trailer
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