detours poster large.jpg

detours poster large.jpg

I'm a little biased in my vote for this poster. Mara hired me to be the BTS person for "Detours", with Tara co-producing. I don't wanna air my dirty-laundry but suffice it to say that I bit off more than I could chew. Some people on set weren't so kind to me but the entire production team of Mara, Tara and Carlo always treated me with kindness even when they knew that I was kinda failing at my job.

I'm a firm believer in the theory that we should shoot for the stars and maybe we'll hit the moon. Sometimes when you do that you fall short of what you wanted to do. I also believe that the most successful people in this world are those who are willing to fail.

I did make a couple of kick-ass BTS videos for "Detours" though. And I got to hang out with Uncle Pauly! :D
My favorite Paul Sorvino quote -- he said "You're not an actor if you've never worked in the service industry. It's part of the training."

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